It is a young brand that pursues desktop aesthetics and is full of vitality! Implement extreme detail control from design to manufacturing! Having numerous designers is just to make your desktop cooler! Listen to users' voices, continuously optimize and pursue a better experience! We are coolkiller - desktop creators.

Email: coolkiller2021@163.com Tel: +86 13861717578

Add: Building 1, No. 20, first road, Sanjiang Industrial Zone, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Brand culture

Cool killer is committed to becoming a fashionable peripheral brand favored by game E-sports players and home office users. We take "fashion E-sports" as the core concept to create brand products that conform to the current young trend culture.

We believe that peripheral products are not only "peripherals", they are not only used as an "input tool". We want to give them more diverse attributes. "Trends", "culture", "fashion", "E-sports" and so on are all the diverse attributes we want to give to the cool killer brand

Manufacturing capacity

We have a senior engineering team of more than ten years to participate in product manufacturing, and are committed to creating new products of the current era.

Design aesthetics

With the aesthetic spirit of continuous innovation, we endow products with unique meanings, move users, convey brand ideas, and create new era values.

innovation ability

We work for coolkiller Different permutations and combinations of multiple attributes such as "trend" culture, "fashion" E-sports "given by brands can create more possibilities.

Join forces

Coolkiller cooperates with major brands in depth to complement each other's strengths, achieve mutual benefit and win-win progress, and write more new chapters.

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